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To go to litigation it is a very important decision and may be quite expensive and may take a long time to get a positive outcome. We take any court action very seriously, as bringing or defending a claim in court may be last recourse when it has been impossible to resolve a dispute by negotiation or mediation. Our specialist litigation service always includes:

ANALYSIS. Assessment of the case, evaluating pros and cons to justify the need of using this way to solve the situation. We always look at every case coldly and honestly, to ensure that the advice we give is what defends bets our clients´ interests. 

REPRESENTATION. We are able to represent clients involved in commercial, property or private disputes


RESULTS. Our team of experienced lawyers and their ability in different law specialities will ensure that you will achieve the best result possible.

FACILITATION. Communication in your language with translations of key documents or essential information.

NO WIN NO FEE. We have sound experience and legal knowledge in Bank Guarantees in case of not finished developments, this ensures our certainty of getting a positive outcome. This is an example of cases which we could agree legal representation on a No Win No Fee basis. We offer this possibility in selected litigation services.

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