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We offer our clients a Will preparation service and Inheritance planning service. 
Additionally, we also provide comprehensive inheritance services and will help our clients to manage the probate process in Spain and overseas. We help you to ensure that there are no liabilities outstanding as well as the legally required amount of inheritance tax payable is reduced to a minimum.
Similarly to all the services we offer, this inheritance complete service is comprehensive and will include the totality of complex tasks to manage the entire probate process from the beginning to the end.



1 POWER OF ATTORNEY. We will draft a power of attorney for the heirs to sign it in Spain or in their own residence country. This document is necessary to represent them along the complex inheritance process
2 PROPERTY REGISTRY REPORT. This report known in Spanish as the Nota Simple must be obtained
3 WILL. Using the POA, we will be able to obtain a certified copy of the last will and testament
4 INSURANCE. To protect your interests, we will get information from official registries related to any insurance policy records
5 BANKING AND OTHER ASSETS. It will be necessary to obtain certificates from any bank the deceased had business with, including reference of any shares, accounts or other assets.




1 DRAFTING. We prepare a draft for the Deed of Acceptance & Allocation of Inheritance, having made a sound study of assets, debts and distribution of the balance. Our excellent knowledge of legal and fiscal options existing across Spain will ensure the efficiency of solution we propose in each case.
2 PROBATE. As heirs may be liable for debts, it is very important to ensure that every debtor can be paid using existing assets. Our fiscal specialists are able to ensure that the search, the valuations and calculation of taxes are properly carried out.
3 COMPLETION. As one of last steps, the completion takes place at the notary's office where the Deed of Acceptance & Allocation of Inheritance is signed. We can represent all the heirs using a power of attorney.
4 TAXES AND FEES. We take care of paying taxes and fees which must be paid on completion: notary & registry fees, inheritance tax and the Town Council capital gains Tax.




1 LAND REGISTRY. The public Deed granted with a Notary Public must be registered with the land registry in the name of the heirs, showing their respective share and rights.
2 CADASTRE REGISTRY. As it is a fiscal obligation for tax payers, our specialists will make sure the cadastral records are updated and payment of taxes via direct debit mandate are in place.
3 BANK ACCOUNT. Banks have legal obligation to freeze accounts where a probate is pending. Once necessary communication to tax office and payment of any inheritance tax has been fulfilled, account suspension may be lifted. We take care of completing this bureaucratic process.

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