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After having found a property you like, a private contract is extremely important, as it will rule some essential aspects of the conveyance, as the identification and description of the property and its content, the price, the term for completion and other important conditions. One of our solicitors will negotiate conditions on your behalf, will draft the contract prior to you and the vendor signing it, and will exhaustively explain its terms to you and advise you if there is any doubt.

We need you to grant a power of attorney, which must be signed with a Notary Public in Spain or in your country of residence. This legal document will allow us to carry out all the purchase process on your behalf.

When it comes to an investment in Spain, fiscal registry is paramount. N.I.E. is a fiscal identification code necessary before making any transaction in Spain. We represent you with taxman and offices to obtain it and to register it on your behalf.

Our firm has excellent knowledge of Spanish Bank System. We can liaise with Banks in order to contract a bank account for you. We always try to negotiate best conditions available and we make sure the products you contract are which suit you best.

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